Denim Venom


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The debut album by the electronic industrial behemoth tag team known throughout the pro wrestling world as BADITUDE.


released April 20, 2005

Blasten Pastyah and Quitcher Bichen do the lyrics, vocals, music, sampling, mixing, mastering, art, distribution, and so much more. Blast Femur is the man on the cover.




BADITUDE Cleveland


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Track Name: Rude Crude Dudes with BADITUDE
We're rude, we're crude
We're awesome dudes with BADITUDE
We're big, we're tough
The only way we play is rough
We're hot, you're not
If you want to hang with us, we'll give it one shot
Top that, top that
You can do all that you can but you will never top that

We're rude, crude dudes with BADITUDE

We're gonna kick your ass

We're bad, we're rad
If you make us mad, you'll wish you never had
Our might makes right
If you mess with us, we'll put up a fight
We punch, we kick
We'll break you in two just like a stick
Top that, top that
You can do all that you can but you will never top that

Track Name: We're Here 2 Fight (The Final Fight)
We're here to fight the final fight
The streets of rage are hot tonight
We're bad dudes of awesome might
My fist of fury glowing bright

Knuckle to the skull, knee drop to the face
Smash you with a bat, crush you with a mace
Vomiting in pain, bleeding from the ears
Curled up on the ground, your eyeballs full of tears
BADITUDE won't stop until the deed is done
Our rages are ablaze, burning like the sun
We're here to destroy - we'll burn you all to ash
Then we'll throw away, throw away the trash

Track Name: Nerds
Nerds and freaks and weirdos, too
This is what I'm gonna do
Beat you 'til you're black and blue
Rage on you and destroy you
Don't deny - you know it's true
I'll fuck you up and when I'm through
You'll be a pool of bloody goo
Nerds and freaks and weirdos, too

What's with you fucking nerds?
You guys are fucking turds
I hate you fucking nerds
I hate your fancy words
I hate you fucking fags
And your robotics mags
I hate your RPG's
I hate your D&D
I hate your fucking zits
Your huge guts and man-tits
I'll rip you limb from limb
In your blood shall you swim
I'll smash your calculator
I'll steal your gay inhaler
Put you in a headlock
Cuz I'm a fucking jock

Nerds and freaks - all live in fear
Because you know the end is near
Your nose will bleed, your eyes will tear
Your fate is sealed - it's oh so clear
I'll shove a pencil right through your ear
"In Living Color" had David Allen Greer
When I'm done, I'll slam a beer
Cuz that's the way we do it 'round here

Track Name: Religion is 4 the Weak
Religion is for the weak
This is truth that I speak
Religions are always wrong
BADITUDE will make you strong
Bible verse tells you to pray
BADITUDE sez that is gay
Screw the church, it's not too late
Hit the gym and lift some weights

Torch a church, Break some glass
Beat a priest, Kick some ass
Hit the Pope with a wrench
BADITUDE - Ubermensch
Sonic boom through the town
Bible belt burning down
Working out - killer bod
Rid the world of a god

Religion is for the weak
Rounds you up like stupid sheep
Religions will spread their lies
Fuck that shit - go exercise
Buddhism and Islam, too
Don't forget those fuckin' Jews
Those assholes must be insane
Religion will rot your brain

Track Name: Annilation
I love to destroy; you know I fuck shit up everyday
I beat up a blind man cuz he looked at me the wrong way
Thrashing and trashing in the morning and all through the night
You're next on my list and your future's not looking so bright
I'm gonna break you - I'm gonna break you in two
I'm gonna smash you - I'm gonna smash you it's true
I will destroy you - I will destroy you black and blue
Annilate you, and there's nothing that you can do


Because it's cool
See the raging chaos
Destroying you
It feels so rad
Destroy your mother
Destroy your dad
There is no hope
Crush the Dalai Lama
Explode the Pope
Doing it right
If you don't like it
Then go fly a kite

I took a toddler and smashed his ice cream right in his face
Went to a book store and ripped up every book in the place
I kicked the bishop and permanently damaged his brain
There's nothing better than causing massive destruction and pain
In my monster truck, I destroy everything in the road
I punched a planet and made the whole fucking thing explode
Annilation - you know it is so much fucking fun
Annilating everything and everyone


Upside your head
Destroy the living
Destroy the dead
Right through your face
Brains and skull fragments
Fly through the place
It's not a lie
There is no escaping
I'll make you die
It feels so great
Destroying everything that I hate

Track Name: Sharpnel
My veins are pumped full of adrenaline
So soon my raging will begin
I'll punch, I'll kick with all of my might
All weak little nerds will be so full of fright
My violent aggression, you cannot stop
Bones will be breaking and joints will pop
An explosion of terror without compare
Like a barrage of sharpnel flying through the air

Do unto homos what must be done
Tearing their heads apart one-by-one
I'll make them bleed, that what I will do
I'll fuck up their shit and tear them in two
Watch out, you bitches, cuz the end is near
I'll mutilate your bodies, it's oh so clear
Your organs I'll shred and your skin I will tear
Like a barrage of sharpnel flying through the air

Track Name: Biceps
My biceps are huge

My biceps are the best
My biceps beat the rest
My biceps crush your face
My biceps solve the case
My biceps cannot lose
My biceps pay the dues
My biceps are so large
My biceps are in charge
My biceps never sleep
My biceps are not cheap
My biceps fuck you up
My biceps will not stop
My biceps lift and flex
My biceps and my pecs
My biceps do not lie
My biceps make you die

Track Name: No Pain, No Gain
No pain, no gain
Workin' hard - muscle strain
More gain, more pain
Use your might, not your brain

Supinating dumbbell curl
Biggest biceps in the world

Do the decline barbell press
Really isolate your chest

Skull crusher and tricep dip
Compound moves for getting ripped

Alternating dumbbell lunge
Blasting quads is so much fun

Power clean has strength and speed
Give your body what it needs

Track Name: Breakin' a Sweat (Perspiration)
Breakin' a sweat - perspiration
Workin' it out - motivation
Pumpin' it up - stimulation
Breakin' it down - devastation

Chewin' it up - mastication
Shittin' it out - defecation
Takin' a leak - urination
Lookin' it up - definition

Punchin' your face - altercation
Squeezin' your throat - strangulation
Kickin' your ass - domination
Winnin' the fight - celebration

Track Name: Exercism
Let me tell you what I mean
Smash the fuckin' TV screen
Throw away your VCR
Change the oil in your car
Get up off your lazy ass
Love the sound of breaking glass
Lift some weights, don't watch the tube
I will punch you in the boob

I will tell you what to do
Run a mile, then run two
Endorphines will do the trick
Be you dude or be you chick
Exercising feels good
Ninja-chop a piece of wood
Atkins fell and hit his head
Now that piece of shit is dead

Synthesize your energy
Monkey hanging from a tree
Build up massive muscle mass
Shoot some steroids in your ass
If you do not exercise
You will grow in clothing size
Kick the Wolfman in the nards
Don't forget to kick him hard

Doo-rag, tank top, zubaz pants
BADITUDE will make you dance
Jump around and lose some weight
Get in shape, it's not too late
Exercise until you die
Do it now and don't ask why
Don't be such a little queer
Shut your mouth and have no fear

Track Name: Never Give Up (Break Through the Barriers) [Be a Man - Show Them What You're Made Of]
You cannot stop until you're through
Win the race - it's up to you
Push yourself right to the edge
Smash a wall just like a sledge
Fuck shit up - tear it down
Barriers fall right to the ground
Kick some ass - black and blue
This is what you've got to do
Steam ahead just like a train
Endorphines will kill the pain
Pump it up, max it out
Don't forget to grunt and shout
Anabolize - shred through fat
Smash a skull with a bat
It's not so hard when you know how
Get off your ass and do it now

Never give up - break through the barriers
Be a man - show them what you're made of
Put up or shut up - extended mix 2007

Track Name: Gratitude (Extended Remix)
You should be glad that we didn't kick your ass
Show some gratitude to the dudes in BADITUDE

If we wanted to, we could make you black and blue
We are BADITUDE - always in a nasty mood

If you make us mad, we will kick you in the nad
Just keep your mouth shut and we won't attack your nut

You are fortunate that we're too legit to quit
Here is some advice: next time we won't be so nice
(fuck with us and pay the price)