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BADITUDE's "Maximum Motivation Mega-Mix" is a SICK compilation of BADITUDE's most motivational, sweat-drenching, cardio-blasting, calorie-burning, muscle-pumping workout jams! It is a scientifically-formulated blend of synthetic electronic sounds AND industrial rhythms, endorsed by the nation's leading sports nutrition experts!

"Maximum Motivation Mega-Mix" is ONE HOUR of nonstop energy that is guaranteed to push you to the limits... and beyond! If you need to shed pounds fast and tone your body in the most effective way EVER, then download this compilation and play it at the gym EVERYDAY while you bust your ass and break a mean sweat! Hurry up... swimsuit season is just around the corner!



released October 31, 2011

BADITUDE is Blasten Pastyah and Quitcher Bichen, who do it all.




BADITUDE Cleveland


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Track Name: Go 4 It
Fire burning deep inside
Still you wait, still you hide
Too afraid to step up
Too afraid to fill your cup
You conform, you comply
A servant 'til the day you die
It doesn't have to be this way
Fuck that shit cuz it's just gay

Go for it - you've got to move
Don't stop until you reach the top
You've got something to prove
Just do it - don't hesitate
Don't rest until you're the best
You can't win if you wait

Go and lift some fucking weights
Grab that bar and lift those plates
Shooting 'roids - muscles grow
Bruce Leroy has got The Glow
Now's the time to break the mold
Never do what you are told
Authority is fucking gay
Take control - seize the day
Track Name: Exercism
Let me tell you what I mean
Smash the fuckin' TV screen
Throw away your VCR
Change the oil in your car
Get up off your lazy ass
Love the sound of breaking glass
Lift some weights, don't watch the tube
I will punch you in the boob

I will tell you what to do
Run a mile, then run two
Endorphines will do the trick
Be you dude or be you chick
Exercising feels good
Ninja-chop a piece of wood
Atkins fell and hit his head
Now that piece of shit is dead

Synthesize your energy
Monkey hanging from a tree
Build up massive muscle mass
Shoot some steroids in your ass
If you do not exercise
You will grow in clothing size
Kick the Wolfman in the nards
Don't forget to kick him hard

Doo-rag, tank top, zubaz pants
BADITUDE will make you dance
Jump around and lose some weight
Get in shape, it's not too late
Exercise until you die
Do it now and don't ask why
Don't be such a little queer
Shut your mouth and have no fear
Track Name: Exercism 2: Turbo
Protein powder in a cup
Get a weight and pick it up
Crescent-kick a heavy bag
Beat the shit out of a fag
Row a boat and hit the track
Do some dead lifts for your back
Punch a building, knock it down
Run your car over a clown

Iron-grip strengthens your hand
BADITUDE's an awesome band
Do some shrugs to build your traps
Win some money playing Craps
Throw a shot put through the yard
Raging like a huge retard
Ridge-hand strike a stack of bricks
Battling with pugil sticks

Find two nerds and break their necks
Butterflies will build your pecs
Take some androstenedione
Macaulay Culkin: Home Alone
Mantis-strike and eagle-claw
Get an egg and eat it raw
Do some crunches with a weight
Send a baby in a crate

Fuck shit up like you don't care
Sucker-punch a polar bear
Marinate a chicken breast
Hadouken right to the chest
Tear a bible right in half
Cool down in an icy bath
Exercise until you die
Do it now and don't ask why
Track Name: Exercism 3: New Generation
Once again the time has come
to exercise until you're numb
BADITUDE is number one
Grab a gun and rape a nun
Start of with some cardio
Take a break and do some blow
Advance to the seated row
Watch your muscles start to grow

Calisthenics is the key
if you want to look like me
I don't want your MTV
Fuck the XBox 360
Find a stupid fuckin' nerd
Make him eat a giant turd
Don't believe what you have heard
Here's another rhyming word

Run around and break a sweat
Do not stop until you're wet
Do another super set
Bench a fuckin' jumbo jet
Dr. Phil is talking shit
What a fuckin' idiot
He deserves a mighty hit
Punch that faggot in the tit

Don't just sit there like a jerk
Put your pectorals to work
Turkish getup minus turk
Corky Thatcher is Chris Burke
Drink another protein shake
Eat another bloody steak
Punch a board and make it break
Smoke some weed until you're baked

Life is not a fuckin' game
Unless you're really fuckin' lame
All you faggots are the same
Quitcher Bichen is my name
If you are a real man
You will get an awesome tan
Drink a beer and crush the can
Smack a woman with a pan

Rise above the obstacles
Stimulate your pectorals
Interrupt a funeral
Kick a christian in the balls
Drink a lot of medicine
Uppercut right to the chin
Hook the leg and score the pin
Count to three and then you win

Clear your head of any doubt
Everyday you must work out
Do not take a different route
Don't forget to scream and shout!
The time has come to bust a move
You have got a lot to prove
Go to France and bomb The Louvre
Another word that rhymes with "move"

Exercising is a blast
Run a mile really fast
Muscle mass is made to last
Put a faggot in a cast
Listen up and you'll succeed
If you don't, you're gonna bleed
Give your body what it needs
Smoke a lot of killer weed
Track Name: Fitness Quest
Oh shit, you've got to get fit
You wanna be your best?
Go on a Fitness Quest
It's time to get big
Don't be a fuckin' pig
Keep your protein lean
Then you'll be fuckin' mean
It's time to lift and flex
Make sure you fuckin' stretch
Avoid an injury with workout synergy
Load up another plate
Make sure your back stays straight
And if you really squeeze
You will progress with ease

To put on extra mass
Shoot steroids in your ass
Growth hormones are the trick
To make your neck grow thick
This next step is no joke
Go snort some fuckin' coke
And you'll have energy to work out 'til you bleed
You have to have a plan
If you will be a man
Down at the fuckin' gym
It's where muscles begin
Consider this the map
Watch out for Willie's trap
The time is now the best
Go on a Fitness Quest
Track Name: Biceps
My biceps are huge

My biceps are the best
My biceps beat the rest
My biceps crush your face
My biceps solve the case
My biceps cannot lose
My biceps pay the dues
My biceps are so large
My biceps are in charge
My biceps never sleep
My biceps are not cheap
My biceps fuck you up
My biceps will not stop
My biceps lift and flex
My biceps and my pecs
My biceps do not lie
My biceps make you die
Track Name: Abdomination
Rippling underneath my muscle shirt
Abs so sweet that they'll make your ego hurt
Cobblestones underneath my fuckin' skin
If you try to top that, you will never win
My abs are like a fuckin' washing board
Feast your eyes upon my muscle smorgasbord
If you try to punch me in my muscle wall
You'll break your hand as if it were a baby skull


My abs are super motherfuckin' sweet
There is no way that you can compete
Your abs can't compare to what I've got
You think that you're a man, but you are not
It's time to sweat, so get your ass onto the floor
Working out doesn't have to be a chore
You'll never win - that doesn't mean you shouldn't try
Abdomination until the day you fuckin' die

Track Name: Bench or Die
Bench press - put your chest to the test
Lock wrists and grip the bar - feet on the floor
Exhale while pushing up - straight to the top
Spotter - give you a hand upon command

Bench or die - grab that bar and lift it high
Don't ask why - push those weights up to the sky
Lift and flex - work you arms and work your pecs
Lift and flex - work your traps and work your necks

Bench press - put your chest to the test
Work out - 3 hours a day or else you're gay
Biceps, and shoulders too, are what we do
Steroids and creatine will make you mean
Track Name: Monosyllabic Mesomorph




Track Name: No Survivors
Work together as a team
Don't you understand what I mean?
Nobody is gonna survive
No one has the strength to stay alive
The human race is coming to an end
Because you fucked up once again
There is one thing that I know
It's that teamwork is the way to go

Drop your phone and hit the gym
It's the only way you'll ever win
You let yourselves become a bunch of nerds
A stupid horde of cattle in a herd
Wallowing in your own crap
Emitting lots of noxious gas
Temperatures begin to rise
Soon you fags are gonna die
The human race has reached its peak
And now you are so fuckin' weak
Humanity will cease to thrive
Because nobody can survive

The end has come
Chaos is fun
Wild in the streets
Riots can't be beat
It don't matter anymore
So fuck up a store
Rob a bank - blow it up
Who gives a fuck?

Strengthen your body
Strengthen your mind
Don't be such a retard
All the fuckin time
Work together as a team
If you understand what I mean
Make it your priority
To be as bad as you can be
Track Name: No Pain, No Gain
No pain, no gain
Workin' hard - muscle strain
More gain, more pain
Use your might, not your brain

Supinating dumbbell curl
Biggest biceps in the world

Do the decline barbell press
Really isolate your chest

Skull crusher and tricep dip
Compound moves for getting ripped

Alternating dumbbell lunge
Blasting quads is so much fun

Power clean has strength and speed
Give your body what it needs
Track Name: Fallin' Through Walls (You're The Shockmaster)
The heat is on, the pressure's high
Your future is on the line
So don't look back, don't be afraid
Because now is the time
So grab your helmet, put on your cape
And show them what you've got
You can do this, you can win
You'll be on the top

Don't need a door, don't need a gate
Don't need a fuckin' hall
Just buckle down, go head first
And blast through that wall

Because it takes balls to fall through the walls
Rise above all when you fall through the walls
You gotta stand tall to fall through the walls
Because it takes balls to fall through the walls
Through the walls
You're The Shockmaster

The final match is coming up
And you've got a lot to prove
It's not the time to hesitate
So come on and make a move
Now's your chance to prove yourself
You'll give them such a shock
You've got to grab life by the horns
And smack it with your cock

Don't need a door, don't need a gate
Don't need a fuckin' hall
Just buckle down, go head first
And blast through that wall

Because it takes balls to fall through the walls
Rise above all when you fall through the walls
You gotta stand tall to fall through the walls
Because it takes balls to fall through the walls
Through the walls
You're The Shockmaster
Shock 'em!
Track Name: Man Up!
Man up - for once in your life
Step up - it's time to be a man
Sack up - grow a set of balls
Top that

Man up - for once in your life
Step up - it's time to be a man
Sack up - grow a set of balls
Do it now - keep your tampons in your purse
Top that - you can do all that you can
Man up - for once in your life
Man up!
Track Name: Never Give Up (Break Through The Barriers)
You cannot stop until you're through
Win the race - it's up to you
Push yourself right to the edge
Smash a wall just like a sledge
Fuck shit up - tear it down
Barriers fall right to the ground
Kick some ass - black and blue
This is what you've got to do
Steam ahead just like a train
Endorphines will kill the pain
Pump it up, max it out
Don't forget to grunt and shout
Anabolize - shred through fat
Smash a skull with a bat
It's not so hard when you know how
Get off your ass and do it now

Never give up - break through the barriers
Be a man - show them what you're made of
Put up or shut up - extended mix 2007