Savage Mondo Blitzers


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The second full-length release by the rude, crude dudes of BADITUDE.


released April 20, 2006

Blasten Pastyah and Quitcher Bichen do the lyrics, vocals, music, sampling, mixing, mastering, art, distribution, and so much more. This album would not be possible without the help of steroids.




BADITUDE Cleveland


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Track Name: Exercism 2: Turbo
Protein powder in a cup
Get a weight and pick it up
Crescent-kick a heavy bag
Beat the shit out of a fag
Row a boat and hit the track
Do some dead lifts for your back
Punch a building, knock it down
Run your car over a clown

Iron-grip strengthens your hand
BADITUDE's an awesome band
Do some shrugs to build your traps
Win some money playing Craps
Throw a shot put through the yard
Raging like a huge retard
Ridge-hand strike a stack of bricks
Battling with pugil sticks

Find two nerds and break their necks
Butterflies will build your pecs
Take some androstenedione
Macaulay Culkin: Home Alone
Mantis-strike and eagle-claw
Get an egg and eat it raw
Do some crunches with a weight
Send a baby in a crate

Fuck shit up like you don't care
Sucker-punch a polar bear
Marinate a chicken breast
Hadouken right to the chest
Tear a bible right in half
Cool down in an icy bath
Exercise until you die
Do it now and don't ask why

Track Name: Punch a Christian (In the Face)
Punch a christian in the face
Smash their ribcage with a mace
We will put you in your place
When we punch you in the face
Kick a christian in the nuts
Shove a sword into their gut
Make them bleed out of their butt
When you kick them in the nuts

Christians try to tell me what it is that I must do
That is when I hit them and they turn black and blue
Stupid fucking christians never know just when to quit
BADITUDE will beat them down and make them eat our shit
Christians preach their morals and tell me what is right
BADITUDE will not concede without a fuckin' fight
Roundhouse kick a christian and smash his fuckin' nose
Uppercut him, break his jaw, and pummel him with blows

Christians think they're awesome, but all of them are gay
They fuck with BADITUDE and now their gonna pay
We're not gonna sit back and listen to their lies
Stupid fuckin' christian douche - it's time for you to die
Punches, kicks and elbow strikes delivered like a pro
A well-placed tiger uppercut is quite the heavy blow
We'll beat you to a bloody pulp so that the world can see
When you fuck with BADITUDE, we're gonna make you bleed

Track Name: A Lethal Dose of BADITUDE
Listen you fag - I'm gonna set you straight
My violent barrage will surely seal your fate
Your mouth's writing checks your body cannot cash
It's time for me to take out the fucking trash
It's far too late for you to turn around
This shit's going down - I'll smash you to the ground
I'll pummel your gut and then I'll work the face
Your blood and your teeth will fly throughout the place

Listen while I tell you this little bit
I'll fuck you up and make you eat my shit
You don't want to fuck with me, you know it's true
I'll wail on you and turn you black and blue
You'll vomit in pain and piss right down your leg
I'll shatter your skull just like a fuckin' egg
Others will stare in awe while I proceed
To beat you down, then smoke some killer weed

So you think you're tough?
I'll show you otherwise
When I'm through with you, you won't even have eyes
I'm sick of your mouth, and that's the reason why
The time has now come for you to fucking die

Track Name: Bench or Die
Bench press - put your chest to the test
Lock wrists and grip the bar - feet on the floor
Exhale while pushing up - straight to the top
Spotter - give you a hand upon command

Bench or die - grab that bar and lift it high
Don't ask why - push those weights up to the sky
Lift and flex - work you arms and work your pecs
Lift and flex - work your traps and work your necks

Bench press - put your chest to the test
Work out - 3 hours a day or else you're gay
Biceps, and shoulders too, are what we do
Steroids and creatine will make you mean
Track Name: The Haunted Gym
October night in '92, I had nothing else to do
I decided to go for a swim so I went down to my local gym
The parking lot was cloaked with fog
In the distance - a howling dog
As soon as I walked through the door
I noticed something there on the floor
To my dismay, a severed head
Apparently the staff was dead
I was certain that I'd meet my doom
When I found some coffins in the locker room
What I'd see next would make me shit my pants
It was 12x scarier than the Monster Mash™

It was the Gym - It was the Haunted Gym
The Haunted Gym - only ghouls are allowed in
Where monsters go to get fit and trim
It was the Haunted Gym
It was the Gym - it was the Haunted Gym
The Haunted Gym - where ghastly creatures swim
The atmosphere is dark and grim
Down at the Haunted Gym

Frankenstein was in the back
Maxing out on the squat rack
While his bride, I should mention
Was working out on the leg extension
The creature from the Black Lagoon
Relaxing in the sauna room
Zombie on the mill of tread
Holy shit, that dude's undead
Wolfman shooting a sweet skyhook
While the mummy is blocking him by the book
What do I see? A gruesome ghoul
Doing laps in the swimming pool
Dracula was working hard
Doing some curls to blast his arms
His biceps were so fucking large
That's why he is the monster in charge

Track Name: Nerd Germs
Nerds germs - float through the air
Nerds germs - swim in your blood
Nerds germs - crawl on your skin
Nerds germs - live in your lungs
Nerds germs - they'll make you sick
Nerds germs - they'll shrink your dick
Nerds germs - decrease your size
Nerds germs - myopic eyes

Nerds germs - at the LAN party
Nerds germs - at the library
Nerds germs - at the comic store
Nerds germs - at the Star Trek convention
Nerds germs - at the DEVO show
Nerds germs - in Computer World
Nerds germs - inside Radio Shack
Nerds germs - at the Observatory

Nerds have germs and they will infect you
Fuck that shit - all nerds are dumb faggots
Don't get sick - drink Gatorade often
Hit the gym - kill all of your nerd germs

Nerd germs - watch out for nerd germs

Track Name: A World of D-Bags
It happens everyday - what is it that I see?
It's a world of d-bags infuriating me
And when I leave my house, that's when they come alive
D-bags in fancy cars - those fags can barely drive
Audi with silver paint goes speeding down the road
Inside is yuppie douche talking on a cell phone
I want to smash his car, I want to make him die
Fucking douchebag assholes - it's time to say goodbye

All I see in front of me
D-bags, D-bags
Fancy clothes, cellular phones
D-bags, D-bags

Musical hardcore douche performed in clubs and bars
In a world of d-bags and their fucking guitars
Those hipster little pricks who yell and scream and cry
About their emotions - I want to make them die
Coheed and Cambria - we're gonna punch your face
A Thorn for Every Heart - we'll put you in your place
The Snake The Cross The Crown - we're gonna crush your head
and Story of the Year - we're gonna make you dead

All I see in front of me
D-bags, D-bags
Messy do's and star tattoos
D-bags, D-bags

And when I watch the tubes, d-bags are everywhere
A bunch of phony fags with white teeth and nice hair
They think they are so hot and have the sharpest wit
Hollywood d-bag fucks - I'll make them eat my shit
Jay Leno is a joke - he has a tiny dick
Ben Stiller is an ape - his movies make me sick
Travolta is their king - he is the biggest one
I want to kick his ass - that would be so much fun

All I see in front of me
D-bags, D-bags
TV sucks, who gives a fuck?
D-bags, D-bags

You fuck with BADITUDE and you are gonna hurt
We'll slit your fuckin' throat and then your blood will spurt
We've had it up to here and we can't take no more
BADITUDE's here to fight - we're gonna win the war
D-bags are gonna bleed, d-bags are gonna die
Punch you in the back and kick you in the eye
We're gonna smash your car - you won't get very far
And we'll break your guitar - you'll never be a star

Track Name: Monosyllabic Mesomorph





Track Name: Go 4 It
Fire burning deep inside
Still you wait, still you hide
Too afraid to step up
Too afraid to fill your cup
You conform, you comply
A servant 'til the day you die
It doesn't have to be this way
Fuck that shit cuz it's just gay

Go for it - you've got to move
Don't stop until you reach the top
You've got something to prove
Just do it - don't hesitate
Don't rest until you're the best
You can't win if you wait

Go and lift some fucking weights
Grab that bar and lift those plates
Shooting 'roids - muscles grow
Bruce Leroy has got The Glow
Now's the time to break the mold
Never do what you are told
Authority is fucking gay
Take control - seize the day