A Lethal Dose of BADITUDE

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Some people just love to talk shit. Even after seeing the massive destruction inflicted by BADITUDE, they still don’t get it. This song is a warning to all of the fucking assholes who just don’t know when to shut their cock-sucking mouths. BADITUDE isn’t joking.


Listen you fag - I'm gonna set you straight
My violent barrage will surely seal your fate
Your mouth's writing checks your body cannot cash
It's time for me to take out the fucking trash
It's far too late for you to turn around
This shit's going down - I'll smash you to the ground
I'll pummel your gut and then I'll work the face
Your blood and your teeth will fly throughout the place

Listen while I tell you this little bit
I'll fuck you up and make you eat my shit
You don't want to fuck with me, you know it's true
I'll wail on you and turn you black and blue
You'll vomit in pain and piss right down your leg
I'll shatter your skull just like a fuckin' egg
Others will stare in awe while I proceed
To beat you down, then smoke some killer weed

So you think you're tough?
I'll show you otherwise
When I'm through with you, you won't even have eyes
I'm sick of your mouth, and that's the reason why
The time has now come for you to fucking die



from Savage Mondo Blitzers, track released April 20, 2006
Blasten Pastyah - lyrics, vocals, music




BADITUDE Cleveland


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