A World of D​-​Bags

from by BADITUDE

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Basically a day in the life of the members of BADITUDE and the things that they endure that truly infuriate them. Everything from the morning commute to the gym, to the shit that's on the radio at the gym, to the shit that's on the TVs by the treadmills at the gym. It's a non-stop battle with douchebags!


It happens everyday - what is it that I see?
It's a world of d-bags infuriating me
And when I leave my house, that's when they come alive
D-bags in fancy cars - those fags can barely drive
Audi with silver paint goes speeding down the road
Inside is yuppie douche talking on a cell phone
I want to smash his car, I want to make him die
Fucking douchebag assholes - it's time to say goodbye

All I see in front of me
D-bags, D-bags
Fancy clothes, cellular phones
D-bags, D-bags

Musical hardcore douche performed in clubs and bars
In a world of d-bags and their fucking guitars
Those hipster little pricks who yell and scream and cry
About their emotions - I want to make them die
Coheed and Cambria - we're gonna punch your face
A Thorn for Every Heart - we'll put you in your place
The Snake The Cross The Crown - we're gonna crush your head
and Story of the Year - we're gonna make you dead

All I see in front of me
D-bags, D-bags
Messy do's and star tattoos
D-bags, D-bags

And when I watch the tubes, d-bags are everywhere
A bunch of phony fags with white teeth and nice hair
They think they are so hot and have the sharpest wit
Hollywood d-bag fucks - I'll make them eat my shit
Jay Leno is a joke - he has a tiny dick
Ben Stiller is an ape - his movies make me sick
Travolta is their king - he is the biggest one
I want to kick his ass - that would be so much fun

All I see in front of me
D-bags, D-bags
TV sucks, who gives a fuck?
D-bags, D-bags

You fuck with BADITUDE and you are gonna hurt
We'll slit your fuckin' throat and then your blood will spurt
We've had it up to here and we can't take no more
BADITUDE's here to fight - we're gonna win the war
D-bags are gonna bleed, d-bags are gonna die
Punch you in the back and kick you in the eye
We're gonna smash your car - you won't get very far
And we'll break your guitar - you'll never be a star



from Savage Mondo Blitzers, track released April 20, 2006
Quitcher Bichen - lyrics, vocals, music




BADITUDE Cleveland


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