Bench or Die

from by BADITUDE

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One of BADITUDE's songs about a particular workout routine, with specific information pertaining to the motions of the bench press and how to successfully perform one, as well as supplemental information about the nature of the bench press, the muscle groups involved, etc. It is a well-known fact among the gymnasium community that if you do not bench press, you will die - hence the song title. The music in this song has been scientifically proven to increase the amount of reps you can perform.


Bench press - put your chest to the test
Lock wrists and grip the bar - feet on the floor
Exhale while pushing up - straight to the top
Spotter - give you a hand upon command

Bench or die - grab that bar and lift it high
Don't ask why - push those weights up to the sky
Lift and flex - work you arms and work your pecs
Lift and flex - work your traps and work your necks

Bench press - put your chest to the test
Work out - 3 hours a day or else you're gay
Biceps, and shoulders too, are what we do
Steroids and creatine will make you mean


from Savage Mondo Blitzers, track released April 20, 2006
Quitcher Bichen - lyrics, vocals, music




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