Exercism 2: Turbo

from by BADITUDE

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This song provides further insight into BADITUDE’s insane workout routine and establishes a template by which the listener can begin on the road towards true BADITUDE. More than just a mere workout routine, this is a primer for living.


Protein powder in a cup
Get a weight and pick it up
Crescent-kick a heavy bag
Beat the shit out of a fag
Row a boat and hit the track
Do some dead lifts for your back
Punch a building, knock it down
Run your car over a clown

Iron-grip strengthens your hand
BADITUDE's an awesome band
Do some shrugs to build your traps
Win some money playing Craps
Throw a shot put through the yard
Raging like a huge retard
Ridge-hand strike a stack of bricks
Battling with pugil sticks

Find two nerds and break their necks
Butterflies will build your pecs
Take some androstenedione
Macaulay Culkin: Home Alone
Mantis-strike and eagle-claw
Get an egg and eat it raw
Do some crunches with a weight
Send a baby in a crate

Fuck shit up like you don't care
Sucker-punch a polar bear
Marinate a chicken breast
Hadouken right to the chest
Tear a bible right in half
Cool down in an icy bath
Exercise until you die
Do it now and don't ask why



from Savage Mondo Blitzers, track released April 20, 2006
Blasten Pastyah - lyrics, vocals, music




BADITUDE Cleveland


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