Exercism 3: New Generation

from by BADITUDE

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The third and final chapter in the exciting EXERCISM trilogy. This time around, the stakes are higher than ever and your heart rate needs to be at around 190-200 bpm. Follow along, do what we say, and you'll receive the best workout of your life. Top that!


Once again the time has come
to exercise until you're numb
BADITUDE is number one
Grab a gun and rape a nun
Start of with some cardio
Take a break and do some blow
Advance to the seated row
Watch your muscles start to grow

Calisthenics is the key
if you want to look like me
I don't want your MTV
Fuck the XBox 360
Find a stupid fuckin' nerd
Make him eat a giant turd
Don't believe what you have heard
Here's another rhyming word

Run around and break a sweat
Do not stop until you're wet
Do another super set
Bench a fuckin' jumbo jet
Dr. Phil is talking shit
What a fuckin' idiot
He deserves a mighty hit
Punch that faggot in the tit

Don't just sit there like a jerk
Put your pectorals to work
Turkish getup minus turk
Corky Thatcher is Chris Burke
Drink another protein shake
Eat another bloody steak
Punch a board and make it break
Smoke some weed until you're baked

Life is not a fuckin' game
Unless you're really fuckin' lame
All you faggots are the same
Quitcher Bichen is my name
If you are a real man
You will get an awesome tan
Drink a beer and crush the can
Smack a woman with a pan

Rise above the obstacles
Stimulate your pectorals
Interrupt a funeral
Kick a christian in the balls
Drink a lot of medicine
Uppercut right to the chin
Hook the leg and score the pin
Count to three and then you win

Clear your head of any doubt
Everyday you must work out
Do not take a different route
Don't forget to scream and shout!
The time has come to bust a move
You have got a lot to prove
Go to France and bomb The Louvre
Another word that rhymes with "move"

Exercising is a blast
Run a mile really fast
Muscle mass is made to last
Put a faggot in a cast
Listen up and you'll succeed
If you don't, you're gonna bleed
Give your body what it needs
Smoke a lot of killer weed


from No Survivors, released May 21, 2010
Quitcher Bichen - music, lyrics, vocals
Blasten Pastyah - vocals




BADITUDE Cleveland


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