Fitness Quest

from by BADITUDE

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You have to dedicate yourself to the long, arduous journey of self-enlargement through serious weight-lifting and exercising. And you have to do this RIGHT NOW. Begin your own personal Fitness Quest and you shall discover muscles that you never knew you had! Top that!


Oh shit, you've got to get fit
You wanna be your best?
Go on a Fitness Quest
It's time to get big
Don't be a fuckin' pig
Keep your protein lean
Then you'll be fuckin' mean
It's time to lift and flex
Make sure you fuckin' stretch
Avoid an injury with workout synergy
Load up another plate
Make sure your back stays straight
And if you really squeeze
You will progress with ease

To put on extra mass
Shoot steroids in your ass
Growth hormones are the trick
To make your neck grow thick
This next step is no joke
Go snort some fuckin' coke
And you'll have energy to work out 'til you bleed
You have to have a plan
If you will be a man
Down at the fuckin' gym
It's where muscles begin
Consider this the map
Watch out for Willie's trap
The time is now the best
Go on a Fitness Quest


from No Survivors, released May 21, 2010
Blasten Pastyah - music, lyrics, vocals




BADITUDE Cleveland


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