Nerd Germs

from by BADITUDE

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A true story about a terrible epidemic that is worse than the swine flu, bird flu, SARS and AIDS combined! Why has it been largely unreported among the major science and health journals? Because all those science/doctor types are a bunch of fuckin' nerds who want this disease to spread, that's why. BADITUDE has discovered that mesomorphic individuals have a higher tolerance against nerd germs than endomorphs and ectomorphs, thanks to the increased amounts of physical activity and protein that the average mesomorph partakes in. A decrease in working out, sweating, fighting, and protein can and will lead to a nerd germ attack, rendering the once-proud mesomorph to become nothing more than a fuckin' nerd. BADITUDE will not let this happen. This song is specially formulated to help raise the body's levels of endorphines, testosterone and adrenaline, thereby helping to defeat any nerd germs in your system.


Nerds germs - float through the air
Nerds germs - swim in your blood
Nerds germs - crawl on your skin
Nerds germs - live in your lungs
Nerds germs - they'll make you sick
Nerds germs - they'll shrink your dick
Nerds germs - decrease your size
Nerds germs - myopic eyes

Nerds germs - at the LAN party
Nerds germs - at the library
Nerds germs - at the comic store
Nerds germs - at the Star Trek convention
Nerds germs - at the DEVO show
Nerds germs - in Computer World
Nerds germs - inside Radio Shack
Nerds germs - at the Observatory

Nerds have germs and they will infect you
Fuck that shit - all nerds are dumb faggots
Don't get sick - drink Gatorade often
Hit the gym - kill all of your nerd germs

Nerd germs - watch out for nerd germs



from Savage Mondo Blitzers, track released April 20, 2006
Quitcher Bichen - lyrics, vocals, music




BADITUDE Cleveland


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