Nilbog is Goblin Spelled Backwards

from by BADITUDE

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This song recounts the events that led up to the infamous Waits family massacre back in '91. The Waits, who were neighbors of Blasten Pastyah, had gone on vacation to a small town in the country. There, they encountered a group of monstrous beings that have been swept into the corner of the cryptozoology cellar. These creatures are known as trolls! However, these trolls do not expose themselves outright. Instead, they disguise themselves as local hillbillies in order to lure curious city-folk, who are often intrigued with the rustic façade of typical country hospitality. The Waits, of course, fell victim to this and found themselves deep in the heart of the kingdom of the goblins - Nilbog. They tried to escape, and almost made it, but were followed back to their home by the trolls, where they were brutally murdered and eaten. The trolls still live there to this day, next door to Blasten, and he even has them over once in a while to watch professional wrestling on In Demand Pay Per View. Listen if you dare!


from Savage Mondo Blitzers, track released April 20, 2006
Blasten Pastyah - music
Troll 2 - inspiration




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