No Survivors

from by BADITUDE

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BADITUDE gives you a dose of reality. Shit is fucked up, and there's no turning back. We must work together as a TEAM, and stop being a bunch of stupid, worthless nerds, and strengthen our bodies and minds in such a way that we will be able to survive the impending world destruction. It's do or die...and if you're not BAD, you're as good as DEAD!


Work together as a team
Don't you understand what I mean?
Nobody is gonna survive
No one has the strength to stay alive
The human race is coming to an end
Because you fucked up once again
There is one thing that I know
It's that teamwork is the way to go

Drop your phone and hit the gym
It's the only way you'll ever win
You let yourselves become a bunch of nerds
A stupid horde of cattle in a herd
Wallowing in your own crap
Emitting lots of noxious gas
Temperatures begin to rise
Soon you fags are gonna die
The human race has reached its peak
And now you are so fuckin' weak
Humanity will cease to thrive
Because nobody can survive

The end has come
Chaos is fun
Wild in the streets
Riots can't be beat
It don't matter anymore
So fuck up a store
Rob a bank - blow it up
Who gives a fuck?

Strengthen your body
Strengthen your mind
Don't be such a retard
All the fuckin time
Work together as a team
If you understand what I mean
Make it your priority
To be as bad as you can be


from No Survivors, released May 21, 2010
Quitcher Bichen - music, lyrics, vocals, space camp
Blasten Pastyah - vocals




BADITUDE Cleveland


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