Punch a Christian (In the Face)

from by BADITUDE

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This song is a violent reaction to the bloated, pulsating and ever-growing mass of shit known as Christianity, and more specifically, the twangy-voiced christian salesmen on TV that perpetuate the biggest con on the market. Even MORE specifically, this song is about Pat Robertson. It used to be about Jerry Falwell, too...but that fat piece of fucking shit is DEAD.


Punch a christian in the face
Smash their ribcage with a mace
We will put you in your place
When we punch you in the face
Kick a christian in the nuts
Shove a sword into their gut
Make them bleed out of their butt
When you kick them in the nuts

Christians try to tell me what it is that I must do
That is when I hit them and they turn black and blue
Stupid fucking christians never know just when to quit
BADITUDE will beat them down and make them eat our shit
Christians preach their morals and tell me what is right
BADITUDE will not concede without a fuckin' fight
Roundhouse kick a christian and smash his fuckin' nose
Uppercut him, break his jaw, and pummel him with blows

Christians think they're awesome, but all of them are gay
They fuck with BADITUDE and now their gonna pay
We're not gonna sit back and listen to their lies
Stupid fuckin' christian douche - it's time for you to die
Punches, kicks and elbow strikes delivered like a pro
A well-placed tiger uppercut is quite the heavy blow
We'll beat you to a bloody pulp so that the world can see
When you fuck with BADITUDE, we're gonna make you bleed



from Savage Mondo Blitzers, track released April 20, 2006
Quitcher Bichen - lyrics, vocals and music
Blasten Pastyah - vocals
Random brain-dead christians - humorous samples




BADITUDE Cleveland


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